Barb Noren is a maker, educator, and general geek.

Barb is a generalist maker, STEAM/Science educator, and board member at CRASH Space, who has spent her life exploring a wide variety of media, from cardboard and woodworking to 3d modeling and electronics.  She enjoys designing and building musical instruments, such as her Hexachords and Dodecahedrum, 3d printed contraptions like her robot octopus familiar, costumes like her cardboard dragon head, and videos that show the processes she uses.

From 2015 to 2019, Barb created nearly 200 weekly videos for her YouTube channel. In 2020, she cut back on video production to diversify her making, education, and entertainment pursuits and posts periodic livestreams and short form videos. You can keep up with everything she’s doing on her website Barb Makes Things.

Barb leans toward letting the project guide the media used, revels in failure and learning, and embraces resourcefulness and environmental mindfulness through creative reuse. Learning basic concepts and experimenting with different materials helps students to utilize whatever they have at their disposal to express themselves, and stretches their minds to think of everyday items in new ways.