Welcome to Barb Makes Things 2.0!

It’s here at last: the next incarnation of Barb Makes Things! A website! How unique! A number of factors played into my decision to change things up, but here we are. The existing videos on my YouTube channel will remain there, but moving forward, this is where you’ll want to look for new content.

I will be posting my videos on vimeo and embedding them here, and they will be a little less frequent (1 or 2 per project rather than once every week or two). This change will allow me to diversify my content: posting more written updates and pictures, writing tutorials on instructables, and coming soon… streaming live video on twitch, and an upcoming biweekly podcast with the 3D Printing Professor himself, Joe Larsen! (HYPE)

I’ll be gradually reposting my old videos along with the new ones, with some commentary included as I didn’t do that from the beginning, and I can certainly add some more information and context.

If you want notifications, I have an RSS feed, a Patreon, and (highly recommended) an email list that you should totally join. It’s the bees knees.