I’m speaking at Sparklecon VII

I’m giving a talk this Saturday at Sparklecon at 23b in Fullerton titled Farewell to YouTube: Alternatives in the wake of COPPA, so come by if you’re in attendance.

After the announcement in September 2019 that YouTube would be changing their policies and procedures in the wake of the COPPA settlement, there emerged completely understandable confusion and panic about what this would mean for content creators, including plenty who don’t think that their content is “made for kids.” It is confusing for many reasons, including the vagueness of the law and the sweeping changes that will be happening on the platform, and it has a spawned a lot of misinformation and many people leaving YouTube entirely.

I’ve done a lot of research into the situation and will explain what exactly the new FTC rules say and where their vagueness become a problem for YouTube and so many creators. I’ll also talk about what alternatives there are for creators.

I’m planning to post either a video or more information about my talk after the fact in case you’re interested but can’t make it.

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