Twitch Streaming and Cardboard Puppetry

It’s been a minute since I posted content to my YouTube channel. The format I’ve used previously just doesn’t fit into my life as it is currently, so I’ve been looking at other options. For much of the pandemic, I’ve had Deep Fried Neurons and Amy’s Art Cabaret, but then those went away (temporarily for the former, possibly permanent for the latter). At least I discovered what works better for me right now: regular live streams.

So I began streaming every Saturday on Twitch (2pm Pacific), just talking through projects as I make them. Or project, since I’ve been working on my cardboard gecko puppet.

Ever since I made that Thordak dragon head mask last Halloween (see award-winning instructable here) and Admiral Mango, the pirate parrot, both of which were made almost entirely out of cardboard/paper products, I’ve been going a little nuts on the medium. So, when I needed a project for my new weekly live stream, and I found myself with a little demo piece that looked like the start of a puppet jaw, well… I knew what I had to do.

Gecko still has a ways to go before it’s ready for a name, but definite progress is being made. You can watch it come together on Saturdays from 2-3pm Pacific time on Twitch or YouTube. At the end of it all, I may edit together the footage into a shorter video that goes on my channel too.

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