Deep Fried Neurons

Here’s the story of how the livestream Deep Fried Neurons Happy Hour with Carlyn Maw, Tod Kurt, and myself came to be.

Carlyn and I were talking one day. She had this idea to have weekly easy making activities that people could do to help them cope with being in a bizarre new world. She brought this idea to me, and I said, “let’s do it live.” Tod walked through the kitchen while we were brainstorming names and dropped “Deep Fried Neurons” like a boss, and now the three of us are hopping on Twitch every Friday to share drinks, conversation, and the things we’ve made for that week’s prompt.

It’s fun, it’s a good motivator for me to be making things on the regular in a less intensive way than the original YouTube channel (which, okay, maybe isn’t completely dead), and it’s a chance to hang out with two dear friends. So tune in Fridays at 5:30pm PST, pour yourself a drink, and hang out with us.

Check out Carlyn’s writeups of our projects on the CRASH blog here.

Note: I pride myself on my channel being family-friendly, but this stream isn’t intended for kids.

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