Ideas I (Probably) Don’t Have Time For

I suffer (is suffer the right word here?) from an abundance of ideas, or else a dearth of time in which to enact those ideas. I may wind up doing some of these eventually, but if not, in order to feel like they are at least performing some purpose, and to clear space in my memory, I’m making a list here that I can continually add to. If you decide to take on one of these things (or have already done it), please let me know so I can celebrate its existence in the world!

  • Reused art kit box display case for D&D minis
  • A series of dice towers made from different materials and techniques
    • Cardboard, wood, paper, 3d printed, cement, laser cut, acrylic, knitted, gingerbread, creative reuse, etc.
  • An electronic rimshot machine (yes, I may do this eventually, but it’s not currently on the stove)
  • Interacting, self-playing instruments that adjust their combined improvisation based on proximity to each other
  • Playable keyboard flap messenger bag
  • Two-story, full-wall kinetic sculpture
  • Cat runs
  • Minecraft light-up papertoy blocks
  • Surround sound capacitive touch electronic instrument/comfy egg chair (plywood layer construction)
    • I really would like to do this some day, and have it in my apartment.
  • Coffee shop signs for apartment
  • Display shelves for mug collection
  • Finger Puppet Noir Video
  • Model Hot Air Balloon House (probably cardboard, maybe steampunk)
  • Intricate interactive light-up phoenix costume
  • Cello cat tower
  • Barbie VW Bug robot, remote controlled or automatous, with sensors, robot arms
  • Ping ping balls filled with hot glue and embedded blinky LEDs that you can throw at a wall
  • Electronics/Embroidery monthly calendar
  • Interactive walk-in light tube room (this, but like 100x bigger)
  • Cards-only version of Maker Mayhem
  • Electrical marble run where ball bearings connect circuits to cause motion

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