The 30-day Typography Challenge, Part 1

On Deep Fried Neurons, we’ve decided to undertake not weekly projects for the month of August, but instead to choose a theme and rock it every day for the whole month. I, with my propensity for doodling with words, opted to make 30 new typefaces. At some point, I would choose a few of my favorites and actually make them into useable fonts for the computer.

Of course, designing, drawing, and inking a whole new set of characters every day is a lot of work, and I quickly cranked it down to just working on the project every day. So far, 20 days in, I’ve made 13 different fonts, most with upper case, lower case, and numbers (I figure I’ll do the less common glyphs for those that actually get turned into something computer-functional).

I’ll do another post about some of the things I’ve learned, including some of my favorite typography resources and educational videos, and some of my other intentions with these things (because obviously I’ve come up with ideas for physical manifestations of these). But for now, pictures!

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