A Return to YouTube?

barb makes things

So my videos are kinda embedded around my life, which is to say that I can’t really avoid them, even if I wanted to. There are almost 200, after all. And I didn’t stop because I didn’t like them, or didn’t like making them. There were a myriad of reasons, but I do sometimes see them and miss it a little bit. Years ago I wrote on one of my mirrors, “Would you want to watch this?” A reminder to make videos that I want to make and that I would enjoy, with the knowledge that it would probably appeal to some others as well, but that I don’t just want to cater to the viewcount. So the answer to “would I want to watch this” is apparently yes.

I stopped because of burnout, because COPPA and YouTube’s reaction to it made me angry at YouTube, because my mental health needed attention, later because the pandemic hit and while some people had time on their hands, I emphatically did not. Anxiety, stress, finally an actual ADHD diagnosis and attempts at various treatments, plus just general 2020 took up my time and energy.

Through none of it did I stop making. I certainly didn’t make things with the frequency of when I was doing weekly videos. That was a level of focus and proliferation that I will likely never reach again, which is fine. The regular motivator was helpful in pushing through large projects. And I’ve put several large projects aside.

But I’m pondering how and in what format I might return to my channel. I’m not sure if I’d try to make it regular again (certainly not weekly), or as intensive in terms of video editing (which took a lot of time). I might just periodically talk about what I’m working on and maybe show a few clips of something being done. Perhaps some instructional videos now and then, because I do like making those.

tl;dr – I might start doing some videos again. Not as much as before, but I do enjoy sharing and it’s a forum and format I have in my toolbox. Might as well use it.

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